Our goal is to assist Dog guardians to build strong, healthy bonds with their 4 legged family . Our retail outlet offers a variety healthy pet food options, treats and a range of accessories. Not your average pet food store. Both owner / operators, Judy Kells and Barb Spears are Certified in Canine Obedience and Behavior Modification, as well as certifications in Canine Nutrition and Canine First Aid.

In addition to feeding the body, we believe in feeding the mind. To that end are offering 4 Levels of Obedience Training including Puppy Prep for new puppies, and a variety of workshops for dogs of all ages. Behavior consults will be offered both on site and in your home on your schedule to help you understand your dog and deal with unwanted behaviors.

We have a team of In-Home Pet Care specialists who are working from Kitchener to Georgetown (so far) taking care of fur babies while the rest of the family is on vacation, or away on business. Our goal, to provide the gold standard of care for your home and pets while you enjoy a worry free time away.

We believe in giving back to the community that supports us so we look forward to opportunities to volunteer or just get involved with community events. We are currently active in rescue and assist fosters of rescue dogs deal with unwanted behavior, making them more adoptable and more likely to find their furever home.

Judy Kells

Judy is Certified in Obedience Training and Behavior Modification and has been teaching Obedience and Agility for fun both privately and in a classroom situation since 2010. In addition she has helped many families learn to communicate with their dogs and manage unwanted behaviors.

With unwanted behaviors like leash reactivity on the rise Judy saw the need to help dogs and their owners work through issues to make them successful in their homes. To that end she has continued educating herself on the tools and techniques available and has a passion for helping fearful dogs overcome their fears to lead a more balanced life.

As a part of her commitment to her clients and the welfare of their pets Judy has become a Certified Canine First Aid Instructor so she can not only educate herself in dealing with emergencies, but also help to educate families and other dog professionals in emergency first aid for their pets.

Barb Spears

Barb Spears is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) who loves to work with people and families to create a lasting, joyful relationship with their dogs. Barb's lifelong passion for animals ensured that she always had a dog in her home. While at the 2010 Olympics Barb saw her first Bernese Mountain Dog and feel in love with the breed. Barb and her husband decided to not get their first Bernese until they were able to move to a larger property. 2011 opened that opportunity when they moved to their now farm in August of that year, February 2012 they adopted their first Bernese Mountain Dog Disco. Disco was a great puppy and was taken to obedience training and she learned well. Just around her second birthday Disco started act fearful around people and was aggressive with other dogs. In desperation Barb called in the trainer that had taught obedience and that trainer worked with Disco and Barb to become the wonderful dog she is today. While in this process of teaching Disco how wonderful her life could be Barb decided to begin her process of becoming a dog trainer herself. Now a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Barb wants to share her experience and knowledge with as many other people and dogs as she possibly can. The bond that was created through the training process will forever bring joy to her relationship with Disco. Barb continues her thirst for knowledge and has obtained her canine nutrition certificate. Barb is available to guide you in choosing the most optimal food plan for your canine family members. Barb and her husband Kevin live on their farm with their 3 dogs (Disco, Chief and Zig Zag), 2 cats, 3 horses and 3 goats.